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Employee with multinational company

With lasrena formulation

Seniors Pressure: As an Employ of Pharma Company, You are always under pressure from Your Seniors.

No senior pressure with Laserena Formulations. You are your own boss and you are not under pressure from any senior.

Havey Tour Program: As an Employee of the company you have to follow the company tour program no freedom for you

With Laserena formulation you are free to fly according to your program.

Health issue = Due to Heavy Pressure irregular tour program no good diet habit due to that you are in health issue like B.P. / Diabetic / Stress with your salary.

Enjoy Health = With Lasrena Formulation realize your Health Take Proper care at Health with proper income

No- Family Life = with other company you have to follow according to the company no time for family.

Work adjust according to you with laserena you can Enjoy Your family life you can adjust your tour according to you with great fun at family.

 Future Security = With Other Company No future security.

With Laserena you used your skills your self and establish and secure your future.

Fixed Salary with other Companies your salary is set with your skill.

With Laserena you can earn up to infinite depend on your ability use skills for your skills don’t work for others.

Take Smart Decision, Start your Life Start your Business​​

So come join the hand with Laserena Formulation.

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